Sunday, September 29, 2019

What?! Are We Doing?

Well, if you know, please call.

My last post in July detailed our arrival at York River Yacht Haven, where we intended to spend a week. We still have a slip there.

The weather in July and August was brutally hot, not any different than the Gulf Coast. Although I had a great time on our trip to York River, David didn’t enjoy it much because we didn’t get to sail as much as we wanted to. That’s pretty normal on a trip along the inside, but we also had contrary winds, choppy water, and the irrational idea that it would be cooler in Virginia. I should know better – I’ve always heard how horridly humid it is in DC in the summer.

We enjoyed the area by car, visiting all sorts of historical sites, but at the end of the day it was hot, humid, crowded, and at the dock. Neither of us wanted to be on the hook in that hot weather, especially as the wind died off to nothing. Call us weenies (we deserve it) but we just couldn’t face it. I couldn’t face one more day sitting at the dock listening to the A/C blow. We were so low, we even considered selling Raven (no she’s NOT for sale).

In the midst of that funk, we headed back to Tennessee and found unbelievably cool weather – we were wearing jeans! In August! Outside! - dry mountain air, and a beautiful landscape.

Rivers all over the place!

Park near our apartment. It's been very dry in Tennessee this summer - looks a lot like Texas!
To make a very long story very short and less tedious, we decided to rent an apartment there for a year, have a cozy nest to go to when the weather is either nasty hot or nasty cold, and see if we can live on land again. So far – the jury’s out. We got our things out of storage in Texas and moved them to Tennessee.

That was a fun week. Ha.
Then we did have fun at the resale and used shops furnishing our little corner of the world, luxuriated in a private bath and private washer and dryer (I am SO tired of other people’s hair in the shower stall and in my laundry) and then looked around and said, “Now what?”

So...we are back on the boat! Raven is much lighter, as all our excess baggage (stuff you have, need at various seasons or for “office work”) has gone to the apartment.

The view on the way to the boat, Virginia.
Our first cruise is just around the corner (a day’s water journey) from the marina. We are on the Severn River, off Mobjack Bay. We had all these plans to sail, explore, etc., but we have just sat here on the hook, exclaiming over the water, the light on the water, the intoxicating fall breezes, the stars at night, the birds, the (mostly) lack of noise, and the calm. After four days, most of my anxiety and tension are gone. David is relaxed and smiling. It is good.

Afternoon light, Severn River shore

Knitting...breathing...laughing at myself...
Still the best view I know.
I realized we have been on the go, non-stop, for about three years. Well, for the moment, I’m stopped. And I have no idea what we are doing.


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